Looking Back At 2023

Sarah Al-Refae

Monday, December 18, 2023

2023 is coming to an end as we all know it, so let's take a look back at how this year went.

Whether this year went well or bad for you (you lost that special someone, a friend, someone you loved passed away, you were fired from your job, or you cut ties with your family for what ever reason, etc.), here are five reminders of what you can be thankful for, now that the year is coming to an end:

  1. Family

Regardless of whomever you consider as family — blood-related, someone who took you in when you were struggling, or friends — family is something to never be taken for granted. These are people that raised you, fed you, looked after you, and made you grow into the person you are today. Bad friends come and go, but family is forever.

  1. Friends

The same friends that you feel comfortable in confiding in, the ones that make you feel the safest when you're around them, friends you can relate to and share with each other about your commonalities, and friends that will always be there for you. I know you have at least one good friend you have in mind while reading this. Thank them, for I'm sure they are thankful for having you around as well through the good and bad times. In fact, studies reveal that there is a strong correlation between secure friendships and a high immunity system. In addition, healthy friendships can also lower the likelihood of developing depression, obesity, or high blood pressure.

  1. Good Health

Many of us sometimes forget unintentionally just how blessed we are health-wise. Whether that may range from having the sense to see or hear to medical or mental illnesses. It was discovered by World Health Organization (WHO) that in 2019, 1 in every 8 people, or 970 million people struggled with a mental illness, the majority diagnosed with anxiety and depressive disorders.

With that being said, whether you or someone else you know is struggling with an illness of any kind, there are still ways to combat this. Whether that may be through medicine or drug therapy, psychological therapies, or as simple as talk therapy, there are ways to look for a remedy that will make you flourish physically and mentally.

  1. Education or an Occupation

Partaking in an educational institution or a job can not only fill up your time, but it can also benefit you in the long run. However way you are gaining your education, whether that may be through an established institution or at home from knowledgable parents or tutors, or even the internet, this can be very vital and advantageous for you. Why you may ask? This is because with education, comes knowledge that can protect you in the world, give you your passion about learned interests, and it can also help you pass on useful information that you learned onto others.

As for work, this is where you get to learn the tools of the trade or the academic job you chose to do. Passionate doctors, psychologists, lawyers, electricians, plumbers, or hairstylists all have something in common — they are in the work field that they enjoy the most. Employees also hold the upper hand in that they work among others — co-workers — that can cheer them up if they ever feel down. With that being said, give a shoutout to your favourite co-worker that never fails to brighten your day whenever you are not in the best mood.

  1. Learning From Mistakes

Saved the best for last (ironically). Yes, I said it: learning from mistakes can be a blessing. We're all humans, it's natural for us to make mistakes. But when we make mistakes, we reap lessons from them. As cliché as it may sound, these lessons are what teach us on how to evolve into the best possible version of ourselves.

For example, you didn't study for a test early-on and so you didn't receive a favourable grade, that's okay; you can learn time-management from this for future tests. Or, you found out that staying quiet about your anxiety and giving into mental health stigma can be fixed through therapy.

So, perhaps you've made a few mistakes in 2023, but guess what: you're going to learn how to navigate your life for the better in 2024. After all, if we don't fail, then how do we learn to do better?

Happy early New Year from the team, Cara.

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